I‘ll Only Quit Once

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Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. — Chinese Proverb

Upon returning home from responding to a near midnight awakening call from Life Line, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I suppose this may have had something to do with the call: alerting me to the fact my Mom had fallen, could not get up, and needed my assistance. I know, duh…under such circumstances who would be able to sleep. Therefore, as a diversion, I found myself reflecting on some lightweight topics…quitting was one such topic.

Think about it…why is it so difficult to quit most things you no longer want to do? I don’t know about your answer, but mine came to me like snail in a mile long race. Quitting just seems too stagnant and finite for me. It’s much easier to convince myself to take a break from something. Doing so leaves that sacred option of changing my mind. Options mean you aren’t standing still…

I would prefer to know if I decide to take a break from something, I can return to it. No one-way tickets, thank you very much. To me, the one-way, no option of turning back, occurs at the end of my life…the finale. Everything prior to that should include options.

Next time you are battling the “I want/need to quit” syndrome, possibly substitute simply taking a break from whatever it is. You may find it much easier to accept, and accomplish the change.

Until next time, I’m taking a break.

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